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The Sweet Scent of Hay - One Soul’s Journey

Candid, thought-provoking and inspiring, this is a captivating, true  life adventure all packaged in a fast-paced, don’t-want-to-put-it-  down story.   The Sweet Scent of Hay chronicles the life of a woman who  moved fearlessly through life in her agnostic-scientist’s garb  neither needing nor searching for more meaning, spirituality or  the divine. But, it found her anyway. When a life altering event  challenges Rogers to depart from her well-defined,  independent, and structured path she is compelled to accept  that not everything that is real can be proven.   With uncompromising honesty, Rogers tells her story  of a little girl who once shared her pillow with  Jesus, lost faith in the God she learned about in  church and then found her soul, again, in the  most unlikely of places.      Dr. Brian Weiss MD, Oprah Winfrey, Super Soul Sunday


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