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Tammie Rogers was born in McHenry, IL in 1960.  She is  the middle of three daughters of John and Carol Johnson.   Influential times in her youth included a twelve month  residence in South Africa as a foreign exchange student in  1978 and spending a college semester in Costa Rica in  1982. Tammie graduated from Coe College, Cedar Rapids, IA in 1982  with a degree in Biology.  She went on to spend twenty years  working as a scientist in academia and corporate America on  projects as diverse as basic hearing research to the development of  Thyroid Monitoring products. After residing in Chicago for several years she acquired a small farm in  southern Wisconsin where she raised sheep and ducks which she  employed to train her first Border Collies for herding competitions.  She  also offered beginner obedience and herding lessons while maintaining her  career as a biologist. In 2002, after having trained and trialed numerous dogs in competitive  obedience and herding for nearly twenty years, she turned a hobby and part- time job into a full time profession.  She retired from corporate life to launch  DarnFar Ranch a full service, professional dog training facility in Brownstown,  IL.   With her husband, Robert, she offers obedience classes and workshops,  private instruction, board and train as well as anti-social and aggressive dog  rehabilitation. In 2011 the couple launched Committed Canine, a company dedicated to training and education of Service Dogs and their  disabled handlers. Tammie has had numerous articles published in magazines such as the  American Kennel Club Gazette, The Herdsman, Working Border Collie  Magazine, Ranch Dog Trainer and Borderlines.  She published her first book,  4- H Guide: Dog Training & Dog Tricks (Voyageur Press) in 2009.  A manual  for the Committed Canine T.E.A.C.H. program followed in 2011 entitled Train  Your Own Service Dog (Canine Inspirations Publications).  In 2012 her third  book, Dog Albegra: When Positive Reinforcement Fails To Solve The Problem  was published (Createspace).   In 2014, The Sweet Scent of Hay - One Soul’s Journey (a memoir) is on track to be published.

Border Collies

Tammie acquired her first Border Collie, Sham, in 1989.  She has not been without one since that time.  She says that she would never know as much about dogs as she does if she had not had the opportunity to examine pack dynamics with such a natural breed of dog.

Rural Life

Since 1994, Tammie has lived on a farm, first in Wisconsin and in 2001 she and her husband, Robert, moved to their current 50 acres in central Illinois.