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4H Guide: Dog Training &

Dog Tricks

Voyageur Press, January 22, 2010 You   may   read   a   number   of   reviews   at Amazon.com         Due    to    a    change    in USDA   policy,   the   publisher   lost   its   license   agreement   and was   no   longer   able   to   produce   this   book   using   the   4-H   logo and   name.      This   book   is   out   of   print.      Amazon   offers   used copies for sale. Editorial Reviews  From School Library Journal Grade   5   Up—This   is   not   simply   a   how-to-train   book;   it   is   also a    guide    to    cultivating    a    respectful    relationship    with    your dog.   The   excellent   information   is   comprehensive,   and   it   is presented   in   a   clear   and   detailed   style.   The   author   covers different    training    methods,    discussing    the    tools    needed from   food   to   collar   selection.   Using   this   manual,   dog   owners can   move   through   the   basics   (sit,   down,   etc.)   to   obedience competition   and   fun   tricks   and   activities.   The   high-quality, full-color    photos,    featuring    4-Hers    with    their    pets,    are exceedingly    well    matched    to    the    text.    They    capture    the unique   bond   between   the   dog   and   its   owner   as   the   pups often    gaze    in    rapt    attention    at    their    person.    A    good sampling   of   sizes   and   breeds   appear   in   the   photos.   Even some   unique   skills   such   as   turning   off   lights   and   pulling clothes   out   of   a   dryer   and   putting   them   in   a   basket   are illustrated   and   explained.   Readers   who   are   serious   about learning   how   to   train   their   dog   effectively   will   find   this   book an   invaluable   and   interesting   resource   that   will   make   that special   bond   even   more   rewarding.   This   guide   is   definitely Best   in   Show   quality.—Carol   Schene,   formerly   at   Taunton Public Schools, MA (c)    Copyright    2010.    Library    Journals    LLC,    a    wholly    owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc.

Dog Training & Tricks

Voyageur Press, September 15, 2014 First   published   in   2010   as   4-H   Guide to     Dog     Training     &     Dog     Tricks     by Voyageur Press. This   book   replaces   the   original   that   is out of print.  

Dog Algebra: When Positive

Reinforcement Fails To Solve

The Problem

CreateSpace Oct 1, 2012

Sometimes   things   just   don't   add   up. Using   positive   reinforcement   to   train a   dog   can   be   a   fun,   rewarding,   and successful     endeavor....     until     a     cat saunters    into    the    room.    Using    food    to    redirect    Buster’s attention   away   from   Miss   Kitty   is   often   recommended,   and as   often   it   fails   to   diminish   Buster’s   fascination   with   felines. When   Cat   =   100   and   Hotdog   =   4,   there's   little   chance   that the   dog   will   simply   take   his   focus   off   kitty,   especially   if   he's not   hungry.   In   DOG   ALGEBRA,   Tammie   Rogers   solves   the equation   by   offering   a   simple,   straightforward,   natural,   and effective   way   to   overcome   training   situations   that   positive reinforcement fails to resolve.  

The Sweet Scent of Hay: One

Soul's Journey

CreateSpace April 14, 2014 A   memior.      The   Sweet   Scent   of   Hay chronicals      the      author’s      spiritual journey     from     childhood     until     she experienced      an      awakening      that caused   her   to   rethink   everything   she thought to be true.  
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10 Most Common Mistakes

Dog Owners Make: And How

to Resolve Them!

CreateSpace September 28, 2017

Whether          you          are          hesitant, disillusioned   or   perplexed   about   your connection    with    your    dog,    Tammie Rogers     can     help     you     achieve     an effective      and      powerful      bond      with      your      cherished companion. Relying   upon   her   thirty   years   of   experience   teaching   dogs and   their   people,   Rogers   offers   an   honest,   compassionate and   dependable   approach   to   solve   ten   of   the   most   common problems   that   plague   dog   owners.      Focusing   on   dog   as   a unique      species      that      needs      our      benevolence      and understanding,    10    Most    Common    Mistakes    Dog    Owners Make    successfully    presents    a    way    to    communicate    with dogs in a confident, considerate and trusting manner. Socialization,    pulling    on    the    leash,    nipping    and    biting,    as well    as    tackling    situations    when    others    sabotage    your relationship   with   your   dog   are   some   of   the   topics   which   are explored      in      detail.            The      information      presented      is comprehensive,   unique   and   inspired.      It   is   clear   that   Rogers has   knowledge   about   canines   that   anyone   can   use   to   forge a sensible, kind and cooperative relationship with their dog.  
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