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Jerry-rigged: A True Story Two fragile souls and their twelve dogs attempt to make a 1200 mile journey in a few short days to attend a father’s funeral.  Caught unprepared, they secure the best option possible for the mission - a 1985 mass transit bus that lists heavily to the right and is missing a functioning alternator.   Their travels mirror the crumbling existence the couple has been enduring for over a decade, but illuminates their capacity to pull together when the going gets rough.   This is a story of perseverance, dedication and grit.   It is about the power of the can-do spirit and about never saying quit.   Ultimately, it is about the love that they have for each other,  their cherished dogs and the father they traveled to honor and remember. Due out late - 2018
SHAMARON - Dog Devloted This is a book about devotion - devotion of the canine sort - the kind that seems to have no end and that flows freely without barriers.  It is a compilation of stories that happened around and within one woman’s relationship with her trusted Border Collie.  He begins his journey in an apartment in Chicago and ends it on his farm, the one with the sheep she bought just for him to herd, just for him to teach her about trust and patience and hope and triumph.  It is about their partnership that was based on honor, respect and loyalty.  Mostly, it is about the meeting of two minds towards the same goal and the resulting love and absolute acceptance that grew out of that connection - that bond which transcends time. DUE OUT SPRING 2018
If I Were Dying Do not compromise your integrity.  Ever. When you are stressed find trees – big, green, powerful trees.  Stand beneath them and listen to the voices in their branches.   Respect experts but question everything. Forgive yourself. Enjoy the companionship of a dog.  “I had a thought, perhaps a message from the Universe, to create a list of the most important things to share if I only had a short time to live.  I sat down and drafted my list  of eighteen principles in just a few minutes, refraining from editing or altering it from the original, organic state.”  ~ T. Rogers Due out mid-2018
Rogier Municipal Rogier Municipal - a quirky sort of place, filled with a myriad of peculiar characters - will entertain as fully as it will end before you are ready to let go. Jake worries that he's not long for this world so he writes a memoir.  Starting with his beginnings on a farm in Iowa and ending after his retirement from Rogier Municipal where he spent most of his adult years, Jake recounts his often awkward attempt at forging relationships, falling in love, experiencing pain and learning about loyalty.  Reading his perspective of his life's journey may, at times, feel it is as much yours as it is his. But, the ending isn't what you think and it will jar you to the core.  Due out late winter 2017
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