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Dog Algebra:  When Positive

Reinforcement Fails to Solve the Problem

Sometimes    things    just    don't    add    up.    Using    positive reinforcement   to   train   a   dog   can   be   a   fun,   rewarding, and   successful   endeavor....   until   a   cat   saunters   into   the room.   Using   food   to   redirect   Buster’s   attention   away from   Miss   Kitty   is   often   recommended,   and   as   often   it fails   to   diminish   Buster’s   fascination   with   felines.   When Cat   =   100   and   Hotdog   =   4,   there's   little   chance   that   the dog   will   simply   take   his   focus   off   kitty,   especially   if   he's not   hungry.   In   DOG   ALGEBRA,   Tammie   Rogers   solves the    equation    by    offering    a    simple,    straightforward, natural,     and     effective     way     to     overcome     training situations that positive reinforcement fails to resolve.

10 Most Common Mistakes Dog Owners

Make: And How to Resolve Them!

Whether   you   are   hesitant,   disillusioned   or   perplexed about   your   connection   with   your   dog,   Tammie   Rogers can   help   you   achieve   an   effective   and   powerful   bond with your cherished companion. Relying   upon   her   thirty   years   of   experience   teaching dogs     and     their     people,     Rogers     offers     an     honest, compassionate   and   dependable   approach   to   solve   ten of     the     most     common     problems     that     plague     dog owners.        Focusing    on    dog    as    a    unique    species    that needs   our   benevolence   and   understanding,   10   Most Common    Mistakes    Dog    Owners    Make    successfully presents     a     way     to     communicate     with     dogs     in     a confident, considerate and trusting manner. Socialization,   pulling   on   the   leash,   nipping   and   biting, as    well    as    tackling    situations    when    others    sabotage your   relationship   with   your   dog   are   some   of   the   topics which     are     explored     in     detail.          The     information presented   is   comprehensive,   unique   and   inspired.      It   is clear   that   Rogers   has   knowledge   about   canines   that anyone     can     use     to     forge     a     sensible,     kind     and cooperative relationship with their dog.  

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10 Most Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make